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Sound Byte Pro

Music Productivity
Developer: Black Cat Systems
149.99 USD

Digital sound effects at your fingertips!

With Sound Byte, the so-called "cart machine" used at commercial radio stations in the past is now available to you. You can create up to 50 racks, each containing 75 carts, which represent your sound files. Thats up to 3,750 sound files!

Whether youre programming a commercial radio show (or amateur podcast), adding spice to the commentary at a local sporting event or simply organizing your personal playlist, Sound Byte beats the competition hands down at a great price.

Sound Byte is perfect for:

• Radio, podcast and TV productions - have ads, announcements, songs and sound effects at your fingertips
• Theater Productions - play any sound effect on cue
• Sports Events - jazz up the commentary for your home team with sound effects each time they score
• Music Lovers - organize YOUR collection YOUR way
• Ham radio operators - generate CQ calls for contesting and more

With Sound Byte, you can:

• Select up to 75 recordings per rack (screen) and assign a button to each
• Assign Hot Keys to access individual sound effects at the touch of a button
• Play multiple recordings simultaneously
• Organize playlists in an order YOU control
• Master the Timed Playlist feature for perfect timing every time
• Use a MIDI keyboard to trigger sound playback
• Direct sounds to different output devices and channels

You can archive your racks, to make backups, as well as to copy them to another machine. All of your sound files are included in the archive, making it easy to lay out your rack on one machine and move it to another.

A playlist feature allows you to organize sound clips to be played in a particular order.

Theres also a timed playlist, so that you can program certain sounds to play at an exact time. Perfect for a live radio show or other event!

You can even toggle a serial port handshake line when playing a sound file, to key a radio transmitter or control an external device.

Note: You need to provide your own sound files, they are not included with Sound Byte.